Sunday, November 28, 2010

How did you spend your Thanksgiving!!

I must say, our first Thanksgiving in Houston, TX was cool. We weren’t around much family, but I got to relax, and we did get to spend time with at least one family member (let’s just say she’s like a sister to us...). We didn't do much cooking, but we had all of our favorites: ham, cabbage, lasagna, stuffing, and of course the turkey. But I am trying to lose some weight, so as you can understand this is the most difficult time for me , not to mention I'm the one that made the lasagna (a very forceful special request every year from the wife for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas...). But so far, I have done pretty good. I have actually lost a pound and (thank GOD) have not gained any.

On top of the food, and a family member visit, I get to sleep in...something I cherish every single day.

So how did you spend your Thanksgiving?



Anonymous said...

I spent it with you!!! I love and miss you guys ALREADY!! -Sister

Anonymous said...

Oh and the lasagna was good...the parts that I could taste as I swallowed it whole... -Sister

TheLeoDuo said...

Thanks for the comments, Anonymous!

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