Saturday, November 6, 2010

So What Have You Been Up To?

There have been many changes going on here in our lives, most of you know all the changes, but for those of you that do not know...I am here to give you the lo-down over the last 6 months!!

Before I explained our last six months, I would just like to say that Texas de Brazil is our favorite restaurant!!! We ate there like four times in a month, but unfortunately, there isn't any where we are now....until 2011....


So....between May and August there hasn't been many things going on...just us trying to get out of the basement and back into a place of our own. It was a decent experience. I appreciated the space we rented. The bills were low, but the distance between home and work was a pain. On a good day, I would drive 45 minutes all highway miles! Hey I know some people travel further, but I hate driving in traffic. I wanted to make sure when we moved out of state that this would not be an issue.

The location where we lived (Woodbridge) was a prime area. I didn't realized how fortunate we were to live in such an area until we moved! We had so many stores/restaurants/attractions in the area, and to top it all off one of my best friends lived 5 minutes away from me, and we would frequent poker on a regular basis! Those were the good ol' days....(so what it has only been 6 months...)

But the cons to Woodbridge was the distance from the city of DC: 90+ percent of my family and friends lived closer to DC, I would have to drive to DC to play basketball because in Arlington (near Pentagon City) it was the only court I knew that would garuantee people there, and oh yea…the job thing.

But nonetheless that is all past us because we are no longer in the DC area. Where are we? Stay tuned….


1 comment:

Shawn Smith said...

Glad to see you back.

I didn't know you two were in Woodbridge, I would've had you over.

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