Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nobody But You

KD and I are going to see our favorite hip hop group tonight, Little Brother!!! They will be in concert at the Black Cat starting at 8pm. This will be my 3rd time and KD’s 2nd time going to see them in concert. Since they recently released their fourth studio album, Leftback, they have told the world they will no longer be a group, and the two members (formerly three), will be doing separate projects.


This is not the business!! This is coming from a fan since 2003. We love their music, and they are the main reason why I wanted to become a rap artist (secret dream of mine). They’re music is always a breath of fresh air, and I feel like I can relate to their words and style. When I listen to them I feel like they are taking words right out of my mouth, and saying it the EXACT same way I want to say it! It confuses me that there are not more people that know about them.

Truthfully, I wish they were more known to others so when I talk about their music, other don’t look at me strange. Then again, the fact that they are not as known makes their music that much more special to me when I hear it, because they’re THAT good! So today I will be playing their music from their new album so I can memorize it and sing along with them at the concert...but I don’t think KD will be ready to sing along....

We'll let you know how it turns out!!!

Oh yea...Second:

Little Brother is second to none, check it out here...OUT!!


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