Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Meet the World's Longest-Married Couple!

I know I'm a little late on this but....I wanted to post it anyway. Meet Herbert & Zelmyra Fisher, the world's longest living married couple. Herbert and Zelmyra, 104 and 102 years old respectively, were married in 1924 so that means they've been married for 85 years! They'll celebrate 86 years this May which means they're only a year away from having the longest-
marriage in history according to the The Sun.

Here's one of the questions asked & answered via twitter on Valentine's Day.

"What made you realize that you could spend the rest of your lives together? Were you scared at all?"

Herbert & Zelmyra: "With each day that passed, our relationship was more solid and secure. Divorce was NEVER an option - or even a thought."

They're done answering questions right now, but I'm going to keep their twitter as a reference. ;-) I'm hoping they'll come back and answer more questions! Wishful thinking....And we're following them. Go to twitter.com/longestmarried to follow them too! Reading their twitter advice was very comforting to me. I can tell that they are very much still in love with each other. I want us to have what they have. :-)


TooClassy said...

How inspiring!! I read their twitter and was truly touched!! I pray that God blesses me and Anthony the same way He has blessed the Fishers!!

Thanks for posting!!

kirstyb said...

oh thats cute! sometimes theres a happy ending x

TheLeoDuo said...

@TooClassy Yeah their answers were so honest and real. I'm definitely keeping their twitter as a reference. :-)

@kirstyb Gives me a lot of hope!

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