Monday, March 8, 2010

3 Reasons Why We Like Our New Basement Apartment

A month ago, Reign (the hubs) and I moved from our spacious 2 bedroom/1 den apartment to a smaller 1 bedroom basement apartment. I really miss our old apartment....We were there for 2 years so it holds a lot of memories for us. We're currently saving money for a home and moving basically chopped our rent in half. :-) I really didn't want to consider basement apartments because I didn't like the idea of living under someone. We've been living on our own for years now and I like the freedom of having my own living space you know?

We looked at some "not-cute" basement apartments before settling on this one. One in particular looked like it hadn't been renovated in 40 years. I swear the wall paper reminded me of the old tv show, "Mama's Family."

Anyway, the new place looks great. We're getting used to it....There are some modern features here that we've never had in a place and some nice additions to renting out a basement.

Here's my favorite feature.

I'm loving this recessed lighting.... just loving it. I hope we're able to get this in our new home.

And here's Reign's favorite feature.

It's the homeowner's pool table, but it's basically ours for now....haha.

And here's the feature we both like. :D

Maybe basement apartments aren't so bad after all...


Egypt said...

ohhh now this was soooo cute.. ok I can dig living in a basement apt.. make it ur own u luv birds!! great blog keep em coming lady!!

Sarina said...

I cant wait to come visit you all!

TheLeoDuo said...

@Egypt Thanks! I know right? I could get used to a place like this...thanks for checking out the blog!

@Sarina I know! We need to go to Texas De Brazil. :-) Sarina u would love that place!

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