Friday, March 12, 2010

What is the 80/20 Rule You Say?

I first heard the saying 80/20 for women in Why did I Get Married? It was a great concept. Before the movie, us guys would say ‘no woman is perfect’. That was the saying back then. But now here is my detailed perspective on what 80/20 means:

First, for those people still asking, “What is the 80/20 rule”? This basically means that you will get 80% (at the most) of what you want out of the woman you love/want to be with. So don’t bother reaching for that additional 20%, because again, nobody’s perfect. But then men go out and try to get that 20% and actually find it in another woman. Maybe men will cheat to get this, leave their significant other, or never commit at all because they love that 20% so much (or are just idiots…I’ll let you tell it). But then you lose all that good 80% lovin’…oops! I’ll stick to the G-rated version.

To me, that 20% could probably be physical attractiveness, the ability to control the woman, money, or anything that does not hold value in the long run. So what is the 80%? KD has 80% (I can argue she has even more…). She is smart, funny, has a great personality, great conversation, she supports anything positive I do, I know I can count on her for anything, and I know she will be a great mother!

Other things include her attractiveness (you a dime baby!!!), but I cannot control her and tell her what to do (although I wish I could….j/k) and us put together, we are zillions of dollar away from being rich (KD, I'm going to need you to make this happen!!). But the plus or minus 20% I do not have is OK, because I know what I would be losing, and who in their right mind would pick 20% or 80% anyway???

Now, you do have some men that do not want to commit, and they have their reason, so I would like to clear the airways: I’m not knocking you 20% guys, because truthfully, guys do want to continue to feel free and be able to do whatever they want to do whenever they want to do it and not have to worry about what a woman wants from them. But if you truly are able to find that 80% woman, you can still do what you want to do and be happy. But understand: you do have to honor the woman in your life and treat her they way she is suppose to be treated: like the number one person in your life. I have learned that. Have you? Or do you still want that 20%? For a different perspective, you can read this article.



Fashion Chalet said...

Love your blog!

Very creative :)


TheLeoDuo said...

Thanks for the comment!!! (REIGN)

TooClassy said...

Well said!!!

Anonymous said...

So true!

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