Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Her Husband Wanted To Leave, But She Said No

What would you do if your spouse told you that they never loved you & wanted to leave? Would you let them leave?

After 20 years of marriage, it happened one summer day to Laura Munson. Her husband came home one day & said " I don't love you anymore. I'm not sure I ever did. I'm moving." I'm sure those words cut her deep. Instead of letting him leave, she gave him space...for the next 4 months. She wasn't willing to let go of their marriage that easily. Over the next months, she put up with him coming home late & sometimes not at all. He even failed to acknowledge her birthday. But this was the fight she signed up for.

She talks more about what took place in her memoir, This Isn't the Story You Think It Is. It's interesting because in her book, she compares his behavior to that of a teenager screaming 'I hate you' to their parents. Hmmmm. Great point. How many times have you said that to your parents? Or got mad at them & yelled an untruth? She applies this same behavior to her husband. But did it work? Did he come around? Find out the answer here.

I really enjoyed reading the article. She's given me more insight into what it takes to hold a marriage together. Marriage is a course that never ends. I'm always learning something new & I enjoy it because I'm in this for the long haul. ;-)


Shumpy said...

Good for her. Marriage isn't all roses but when you fight for it, it means more to you. I don't quite know if I could do exactly what she did but I do think it is worth the fight :)

Tiffany Risper-Mearite said...

Now that's what I call determination! Though I know it was hard, perserverance and endurance are essential to have a healthy and long lasting marriage; for good times are GREAT, but bad times are what shapes your relationship and adds character. How can one learn to press forward if there were not any storms?

Furthermore, I always look at it from a spiritual aspect. God Hates Divorce and as a follower Christ, I do not want to grieve Him. So being able to work through problems, even if you can't see a glimse of light,is what He wants us to do. Instead of magnifying the problem, I strive to magnify the God of the problem!! If He brought me to it, He'll bring me through it!!

TheLeoDuo said...

@Shumpy I agree. I think you have to know spouse well enough to know what tactic will work on them.

@Tiffany Amen! All marriages have problems & we're stronger for them. That's life too.

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