Thursday, April 8, 2010

Jay-Z Is Teaching Beyonce How to Drive

(Beyonce & Jay-Z celebrating their 2 year anniversary)

This is the sweetest & cutest thing I've read all day! According to MTV UK, Jay-Z is teaching Beyonce how to drive. Supposedly, they go out and practice "early in the morning to avoid busy roads and the hoards of paparazzi that follow the couple everywhere they go." She's been flown/driven everywhere since she stepped on the scene in her teens so I can understand why she's just now learning to drive. I think it's great that her hubby is teaching her... :-) That's what your spouse is there help you.

This reminds me of Reign and I. A few months ago, I bought a convertible (aka Cherry Pie) and I was very rusty in the driving department. lol I hadn't driven a car in years....In my last car, I also experienced an accident which in turn scared the mess out me. Reign helped me re-learn driving techniques and everything. He was very patient with me & that wasn't easy because sometimes I was mean to him out of frustration. I love that man. :-) When I need him the most, he's right there. Now I'm fine with driving. I'm even trying to plan a road trip to Virginia Beach with Reign. I really, really want to go again this summer! :D

Maybe we can plan that "Couples Spring Break" we tried to get off the ground last year. Who interested? :-)


kirstyb said...

ahh so cute xx

Tiff Mearite said...

How cute!!! I still don't know how to drive myself. Well... I have experience on the road but I am not a lisenced driver. Anthony usually takes me anywhere I need to go...but that's getting old! It's funny you post this because I have a plan to get my lisence by the 1st of June. Wish me luck
!!! LOL!!!

TheLeoDuo said...

Tiffany be careful in those DC streets! lol, yeah it does get old after awhile. I'm sure Anthony will take great care of you!:D Good Luck!!! :-)


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