Monday, April 12, 2010

What Chilli Wants: All Women Should Have A List

Last night, I checked out VH1's new Sunday night line up. I liked all 3 new shows which consisted of: Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business, Basketball Wives ( I can see the drama unfolding...), & What Chilli Wants. I took an immediate liking to What Chilli Wants. WCW focuses on Rozonda Thomas, who we know as Chilli from "TLC", searching for a man. And not just any man. She has a list of requirements. Chilli states on the show that she compromised in the past & she's not doing that anymore. She wants the total package. ;-)

A few things from her list of must-haves:

1. Doesn't smoke

2. Doesn't drink

3. Can't eat pork

4. 6 pack stomach (but she said she'd settle for a 4 pack)

Chilli is getting a lot of slack for her list because most think she's looking for a man that doesn't exist. The perfect man. From the few things they've listed I see nothing wrong with the list. *looks around* There's nothing wrong with having standards. I got pretty much everything (and more) I wanted in Reign. Knowing what you need/want/ in a man & what you won't deal with is the most important part of picking a mate. Some women wait until they're in a relationship to figure out what they want from a man. I used my list as a way to pick the man I wanted to be in a relationship with. For example, I could have never.dealt.with.a.smoker. There was no compromising on this! I'm not kissing someone who tastes like a pack of cigarettes. 0_0

Here's what Chilli says about the list:

"I definitely
encourage all women to have a list. [Laughs]. C’mon now. Even you, now. You better have a check list. If you don’t, after this conversation, go ahead and start writing down the things that you need and the things that you want [from a man]. I think that’s very important."

I totally agree. She makes a very good point. How do you know what you want/need from a man if you don't make a list? What do you think about Chilli's list? Do/Did you have a list? If so, what's/what was on it? Check out what else Chilli has to say about the show here.


Samantha said...

I don't think there is anything wrong with a list, as long as it's not entirely superficial. I had a list (tons of them) and by the time I turned 25 my list went from being wholly superficial to real life characteristics and compatibility. Above all the most important qualities in an SO are characteristics that compliment your own. Even if you want to be superficial, you can't want a 'super fresh baller' when you shop at walmart. I mean you can 'want it' but the reality of 'getting it' is different. Ok sorry for the tangent, what was on my list which led me to my SO of 2.5yrs - someone who can teach me and I can teach him as well; conversationalist (key b/c nothing's worse than a man w/o a brain); communication; someone who appreciates me and most important someone who wanted to build a foundation and let me know he was serious about not only a relationship but marriage. Now those coupled with makes me laugh; wants kids etc etc led me to my future hubby :) Most important that I almost left off, he had to be into me!!! Ladies stop falling for these guys that you have to chase around or look up 6months to a year from nwo and not even know if he is your boyfriend but preferably referred to as a 'situation'. You are selling yourself short. Never settle!

I Am...LondonDiva said...

There isn't anything wrong with having a list, but her pork and six pack but she'll settle for a four pack....**draws line under the neck repeatedly** How old is Chilli now, closer to 40 than 30 and not married? I mean pork...c'mon. Imagine she met a man who ticked all of the boxes and pork was the only deal breaker.

I also wonder what Chilli's idea of the total package really is. A total package to her, or a total package of the idea that has been fed to a lot of women?

I haven't got a list written down, I used to though. What I prefer to do is tell God boldly what I want in a man in the things that matter to me, honest, loyal, faithful, a man who loves the Lord etc etc etc.

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