Monday, January 31, 2011

The Greatest Ride of My Life

During my time on this Earth, I always look to set personal goals for myself throughout life, and work hard until those goals are achieved. I feel like I’m wasting my life away if I don’t have something on the horizon, or if I don’t have a goal that I am ‘currently working on’. So I thought to share what my current goal in life is: to ride in the BP MS 150. What is the BP MS 150 you ask and why is your current goal to ride in it? Follow me...

Here is a 'blurb' from my MS 150 page on what it is all about and why I ride (with more clarifying info):

"The BP MS 150 is a bike ride from Houston, TX to Austin, TX (approximately 150-180 miles). It has always been a goal of mine to do something of this magnitude. I always admired marathon runners and there endurance to finish the race. This is what I'm determined to do: finish the race. I also want to help in the race for support for people with multiple sclerosis. Although the fight for curing multiple sclerosis may be an uphill battle, we together can make a difference by helping the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and their research efforts.

The National MS Society efforts go a long way in a progressive disease that affects the lives of 400,000. In addition to a personal goal of mine, I decide to ride for the members of our society living with multiple sclerosis. "

In additional to riding, I have a personal goal of helping with the fundraising efforts for the society by personally raising $400. This money will go to the National MS Society and their efforts to find a cure for this disease and to treat individuals who live with multiple sclerosis.

Here is the link to my personal page. Please support my efforts by making a donation.

I will have more info later on this, but thought I share with you on what I'm doing NOW, in addition to waiting on little KC to be born....

What are your current goals, big or small?


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TheLeoDuo said...

I'm so proud of you babe! ;-)


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