Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why I Stopped Posting

Let's take a trip back to March 2010. That's when we started the blog. I came to my husband with the idea of starting a blog about our life together. We're always having funny & serious disagreements & debates so I thought we'd let the world into what I like to call Leo Land. Starting The Leo Duo allowed us to get a lot of things off of our chest and see what other folks thought about it.

Now...I also have another blog & I chose to start another blog (along with TLD) around the same time. So that's 3 blogs. I figured I could handle the The Leo Duo because I wasn't going to be the only one posting. I had Reign. Fast forward: So I'm having fun, updating TLD with posts, and then it just got to be too much. ^_^ I started neglected my main blog because I was trying to post every day on TLD. I needed some help aka Reign to help me with posting. We started this blog for fun so I didn't want to start feeling like it was a chore. I loved interacting with other "duos" on our blog through the posts. However, The Leo Duo was supposed to be a "we" blog not a "me" blog & I felt like I was doing everything. I told Reign that I was done writing if he wasn't going to contribute. He wanted to contribute more, but he was busier than me. I understood that...but we made a commitment to the blog & I wanted to keep it. Something had to be done. And so it was. I stopped writing. I'm really sorry that we just suddenly stopped writing without telling ya'll what was going on. :-( Those weren't our intentions at all. We won't be doing that again. From now on, if we're having problems posting we'll let ya'll know. Cool?

As far as The Leo Duo goes, Reign and I finally on the same page. :-) And that's where I wanted to be....He started back posting a little while ago on his own might I add. I couldn't help but be proud of him for taking the initiative to not let TLD fall by the wayside. Up until that point, I thought he could care less. Now I see that he does care about the blog & that makes me happy. :-) I needed to see that to continue on with the blog.

To all of our readers: Thanks for putting up with us, lol.


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Fair Lady said...

LOL- That is exactly what happened with me and fair sir on our Fairinlove Blog! I am doing alllll the posting now. Not as fun. I hope we get back on track too. I still love ya'll!

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