Sunday, January 23, 2011

How we spent our Saturday...(Baby Alert)

We went to our child birthing class this Saturday, and I must say, even though it was long as a mug (8 hours) we got a lot out of it. I was hoping that we could wait until our eight month to save money (see one of my previous post here) because then it would’ve been free, but the mother-to-be said “I may go into labor early, and I am not going to want to lug this stomach around going to a class”, So I had to do what she said and pay the money. But it was worth it. Here are some of the things I learned:

1) Be extremely nice to the mother-to-be during labor because she may turn into another person. This is because of the excruciating pain. We saw many videos of labor and it was nothing short of amazing.

2) We have to start looking for a pediatrician. Now. (We’re at six months).

3) The class taught us breathing techniques that can be used during labor. They were kind of cool and funny. I just hope KD remembers them.

4) There are many pain reliever options available for labor. One being epidural, which numbs the entire lower body of the mother-to-be, but it slows down the labor. So KD should not feel any pain should she choose to get this. A contraction does come, and she will not even know it, so the doctor will have to tell her when to push. Epidural is injected in the lower back.

5) I learned what it means to be dilated, and how big 8 cm is. When a woman gets 8 cm that means to me the baby is just about here.

6) The doctor has a large number of tools that helps them get the baby out if needed, including large tongs that look like salad tossing tongs. I hope we don’t need that on our little girl.

7) The normal position of a baby is upside down, and facing the back. This is the normal position for when the baby comes out.

8) I learned how to count contractions. Don’t ask me how.

9) We were also taught massaging techniques that can be used when the mother is in pain that will help. Some include massaging the lower middle back, and rubbing the thighs.

10) There are three stages of labor: Early, active, and transition. In each stage, the mother may have a different mood, and it is my job as her support person to help her through these different stages. I am ready!!

So you see, we fathers do pay attention, and I cannot wait until my daughter gets here! I’m lovin’ her already. I love you too, KD!

How about you? Do you have any advice or stories to share regarding labor?



Mia said...

yall 2 are just toooooo cute lol... ok are yall ready for the big day??? my only advice I can give is... make sure miss lady get some type of pain reliever by 4 centimeters i wouldn't suggest the epidural tho I had that with my 1st son and i was numb from the waste down 3days after I gave birth, i still have complications from where they injected the meds.... but over all if she must have it... then hey... there are no other side effects... just be ready 2 be cussed out lol and dont take it personally... awwww yall having a lil girl... now thats FLY!!! when she comes... NUMBER ONE RULE!!! When the baby sleeps... yall SLEEP that way yall can be ready for the early am wakeup call!!! this was such a cute lil post....Good Luck with the Bundle of joy!!!

TheLeoDuo said...

Thanks for the advice, Mia! We are defintiely excited. I will try my very best to not spoil her, but I know that will be very, very hard. I spoiled my niece when she was young! Reign

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