Monday, March 14, 2011

Mardi Gras Weekend!

I'm so late in posting in these! So as Reign already told you we celebrated Mardi Gras on Galveston Island in TX a couple of weeks ago. Galveston is only 1.5 hrs away from Houston so we went down for a little overnight vacay.

After checking into the hotel, we drove to the festivities. Actually, we had an argument because I wanted to walk to the festivities like everyone else, but Reign kept telling me I wouldn't be able to do it. I'm a walker so I thought I could (totally disregarding that fact that I was 7 months preggie). By the time we got to the Mardi Gras festivities, we were good.

We took pics in a photo booth & then started catching beads....Reign started out with just a few on his neck.


I really wasn't that into the bead catching at first. I guess it was because I wasn't catching any! We were about to move on the other spots when he said, "Ok, let's count the ones I have on my neck. If I have 10 we can move on." We counted and he had 15. Do you think he stopped? Noooooo. lol. We stayed over there at our 1st stop for about an additional hour. (We had no idea that this would be just one of the stops where we could catch beads)

Eventually, we walked to another spot down the street & this was the this time Reign was way past addicted to catching beads. I started catching beads finally, but most of them I gave to Reign. I kept the cute ones. I didn't want a lot. Just a few them.


We watched the literally 5 minute parades and quickly went back to catching beads. I've never seen quick little parades like that.


Here's the King of Mardi Gras counting his beads.

After eating, we went back to some more spots to catch more beads. We were both addicted to catching them at this point. I just wanted to see how many we could get. It's easy once you start catching them. There were some perverts though that wouldn't give me any beads because I wouldn't show my tatas. I'm not about to show my chest for some dollar store beads. My goods are priceless. ;-)



It took me so long to catch that Mardi Gras necklace. It was the last one they threw down! Here is Keith with all of the necklaces!


Munchkin bump!

The total bead count at the end of the day was 113. There were 8 that I caught and kept to myself. And for those of you wondering....yes Reign was right. I wouldn't have been able to walk to the festivities and then walk back to the hotel. Keith had to drive my car. That's how tired I was. I was beat down by the end of the day. I could barely keep my eyes open. I really over estimate how much I can do now that I'm preggie. I guess the Munchkin does slow me down...When we got back to the room, we made it a Criminal Minds night. ;-) Did I tell ya'll we got the dvd set?? So we're looking at them in order now. We're in Season 3. 


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TheLeoDuo said...

I told you! I told you! You had the nerve to get mad at me about saying no to walking. That was about 2 miles one way!! And it aint like we were tryna work out! Son I was tired too...that's why we left early from the festivities!!!!... carried away...consider this to be my post on this... :P


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