Friday, March 4, 2011

Thank You: Andrea & RJ

This past Wednesday, KD and I went to a restaurant called the YardHouse with one of my co-workers, Andrea and her husband RJ. We never heard of this restaurant until Andrea recommended the spot. We were very pleased with the entire night. We had a blast spending time with such an awesome couple.

The food was great, and we had a chance to learn more about Andrea & RJ. I only met RJ one time before, and I am happy all four of us got to spend time together. RJ even switched dishes with me because unbeknownst to be, the dish I ordered was fried and I could not eat any fried foods that night (I’ll save that one for another post). What I ended up eating was a grilled chicken breast sandwich on wheat bread which was delish! Below is a portion of their menu and some of the dishes from their website.

But I want to send a special thank you to Andrea and RJ for a couple of things. First, amidst their busy schedule this time of year, they were able to carve out some time for us. See, they will be leaving Houston so this week could be the last time we’ll see them for a while. Secondly, they got us something for the baby! Yes!! Our first gift for the baby! We were so shocked and excited; it was like a mini baby shower at the YardHouse for us!!! They gave us a card, some baby clothes and a Target Gift card #ohyea.

Now back to them leaving: I’m really happy we were able to meet such a great couple in such a short time we were here, and now that they’re leaving, I’m really going to miss them. This was a start of a good friendship between couples and hopefully the distance doesn’t end that ;).

They have their own blog, which we follow called LRIG which stands for... well... go to their site to find out for yourself.

To Andrea & RJ: Thanks again for everything, and please do keep in touch, be safe on your trip, and be blessed!


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