Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Bike Lost...

I just went through my second bike. The first one I bought was from Target, thinking I can use a cheap bike to train with. #yearight

GMC 25" 700C Men's Denali Road Bike

I did not even get a chance to ride this bike, as the back tire was flat when I bought it, and when I did put air in it, I noticed that the front wheel was bent. I was highly dissapointed, so I returned it to Target.

Next, I decided to go to Walmart and I purchased a hybrid bike.

Hiland Spark Men's Hybrid City Bike

This bike was great for what I needed, so I thought. When I did ride it, I noticed everyone passing me with ease, and I know I was putting in as much effort if not more as others. That made me realize that I needed a pure road bike if I wanted speed, but I figured when I do get a road bike for the MS 150 it would be much easier for me to ride and I would continue to use my cheap hybrid bike.

Until I rode up a fairly steep hill...

As I was switching gears, the chain popped!!! WTH!! I was even more pissed. Luckily I was only about .5 miles from home. So I walked home, cleaned up, and drove to Walmart to return my second bike. Second bike in like a month! I have learned a new lesson today: I've learned that I need a good quality bike for training and for the MS 150 ride.

The question now is, where am I going to find the money for this? Only two months left. Wish me luck....


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