Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Just Lost a Good Friend

So this past Sunday, I decided to do something that would ultimately change my life. This change would not only require dedication and test my will power, but it would give me the opportunity to increase my focus on other things, such as our blog (shameless plug), the baby coming, and Criminal Minds. This change would also test our marriage...yes...our marriage!. So before I tell you what the change is, let me tell you how I got to this point....

When KD and I lived in the DC area, me and my old co-worker, and good friend Dwayne, decided to go to the mall on our lunch break as we would seldom do because we had a common interest in electronics, clothes, electonics..., and just hanging out. This was back in late 2009. While at the mall, this is where I met someone that would turn out to be another good friend. This soon to be good friend and I hit it off instantly. I was thrilled that my good friend officially became apart of my life. I've always wanted a friend like this; someone I can chill with throughout the week, even late at night.

But over time, I began spending too much time with my good friend. There were times I would neglect KD, and she and I would even have small spats because of this. But I told her, "I got this...I can spend quality time with you, and still have time to spend with my good friend". But deep down inside, I knew that it would be hard for me to do. This person gave me so much joy and satisfaction that it was hard to pull away and say "No. We will hang out another time".

But it wasn't just causing problems with KD and I. I found myself falling behind in weight loss. To this day, I still have not caught up to my weight loss goal. So I thought to myself, I can do this; I would temporary stop hanging out with my friend until I can put things back into perspective. I must first prioritize what's important, show discipline, and then I can put my friend in the proper place where my friend belongs. I told KD my plans and she said 'Thank God'!

So for about two months what would change my life is to end my friendship, temporarily...with my PS3.

Just until I get rid of my addiction.....Step 1...


1 comment:

TheLeoDuo said...

Babe, I'm so proud of you for giving up the game for right now. I know it was hard for you. I love you. :-)


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