Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our New Love: Criminal Minds

Reign and I don't really watch a lot of television together. Ya'll already know we love The Game! I watch more tv than Reign, but there's not a lot of shows we like together. I may be looking at House Hunters and Reign will come in and look at bits & pieces of it. That's about it though. Criminal Minds took us completely off guard....

Since moving to Houston, we've been catching episodes of Criminal Minds off and on. Not on purpose though. Just every now and then while lounging in bed. So gradually we began loving the show without knowing it. I love the BAU team. :D We even started looking for it on tv. (Mind you, we had no idea Criminal Minds premiers a new episode every week on CBS). Well, most of the episodes are new to us because we haven't been watching it for the past 5 years. Mostly, on a Saturday or Sunday night, we'd find CM marathons on the A & E channel. yesterday the hubs and I were chatting & decided to look up the show to find out more about it. I found out a new season started in September and we've been missing all these episodes all these years (since '05)!!! -_____-

So imagine how we both feel. Here it is 5 years and 6 seasons later and we're just now getting on the bandwagon. Don't you hate when that happens?! This is exactly how I felt after I started shopping at thrift stores in 2010. All those cheap deals I missed over the years...but I'm getting off the subject. The Criminal Minds dvd collection on Amazon is about $130. We're thinking about getting it so we stop just catching random episodes? We won't stop looking at the ones we do catch though. I don't have that kind of self control. This show is just too good! ;-)

Just in case you don't know about Criminal Minds, you can find out more info here:

Dr. Spencer Reid is my fave!

New episodes show on CBS Wednesdays 8/9c. Starting this week, we're looking at them on ION on Monday, Tuesdays, AND Wednesdays. One even comes on at the same time as The Game, lol. Crazy. We chose The Game though. ;-) Oh and they're premiering a new spinoff called Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior on Feb. 16th.

2nd pic from Criminal Minds Fans Wiki


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