Thursday, February 17, 2011

Situational TV Shows

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! We did. All I wanted was chocolate and Reign filled that request. So I was one happy preggie lady. :D

There's this new show that comes on called One Born Every Minute. It premiered on the Lifetime channel a few weeks. I don't get to see it on the night it comes on (because of The Game), but I do watch it on Demand when I get a chance. This tv show is recorded in a hospital in Ohio (can't remember the name) and they capture the women arriving to the hospital and they take us through their delivery until they give birth. I find the show very funny. The men are....let's just say they couldn't buy a clue. Not all, most. One guy couldn't even sit still! He kept talking about his ADD. One guy told his girlfriend to, "Breath, man." Are they serious? OBEM started reminding me of when I used to look at Bridezillas before Reign & I wed in Aug '09. I watched that show faithfully. It always had me cracking up.

After I got married though, I stopped watching it. The so-called "bridezillas" annoyed me. I went from fan to foe in a matter of months. I wonder if that will be the case with One Born Every Minute. That's why I titled this post situational tv shows. I'm preggie so the show relates to my 'situation' per se...but will I still be watching it after I give birth in May? Probably not!


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