Thursday, February 10, 2011

Macho, Macho Man!

Last Thursday, snow was predicted to hit Houston. Didn't we move here to get away from the snow?? Anyway, that night I stayed up late (and so did Reign; he'd decided to work from home on Friday) because I wanted to see when it hit. I waited, waited, and waited, but snow never came. It kept being pushed back until finally the prediction was that it would snow Friday morning. We did get freezing rain on Thursday night though, but I didn't think anything of it. Snow never came though.

So Friday morning, I hear someone tumbling down the steps. Not someone walking-TUMBLING. #ohmy I immediately assumed it was the man who lives right across from us because he's always running up and down the steps. When he does the whole building shakes! It's extremely annoying. I guess he tried to run down the steps that day and.....and instead tumbled. We inspected the steps and sure enough there was ice on each one courtesy of the freezing rain. Didn't he see the ice?!?! Obviously not, or maybe he thought because he was a man, he would be fine.We'll call him Macho Man #1. It was below freezing so that ice wasn't going anywhere that day.

Later on that day, Reign (Macho Man #2) declared that he was going to the workout room. o_O -___- Wth??! Going where? How? There was ice on the steps! Did he wanna end up like the man across the hall?? MEN. We'd already talked about and AGREED that the man was crazy for even trying to venture out with ice on the steps. So I guess he was gonna prove that 2 crazy men lived on the 2nd level. I immediately protested and told him it was a stupid idea. I copped a serious attitude after that because I knew he was going to try to go. I guess he assumed he too would be okay because he's a man.

Then Macho Man #2 goes outside with the hammer and proceeds to break through the ice with the hammer. That was a no-go. Then, the woman across the hall opens her door. Her's the convo...

Woman: "Are you trying to go down the steps?"

Reign:"I'd like to."

Woman: "Don't even try! My husband fell down the steps this morning! He tried to grab onto the rail, but he said it was covered in ice too. It's not worth it."

They chat a little while longer. Reign comes back amused and I'm flat out cracking up!!! I'd already told him it was a bad idea, but he didn't wanna listen to me. A complete stranger basically had to talk him out of it. I laughed about this for a good while. (I'm still laughing!!!)

Every time he does crap like this Macho Man comes to mind.

Sidenote: I just found out from my mother we could've used our sea salt to perhaps help melt the ice. Btw, The ice was gone the next morning.


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