Sunday, August 7, 2011

Easy Food Dishes From Our Kitchen

Over the years, we have been making an effort to cook new dinners and also improve existing dishes. It's nothing like making a new dish for the first time, and it tasting just as you wanted it to, if not better. The idea behind some of the dishes we create stem from eating these dishes out at different restaurants, and wanting to make it at home. We've had some successes with our journey, and this post will exhibit that. Unsuccessful dishes won't be included here, mainly because we have deliberately forgotten about them.
KD and I both want to be excellent cooks for different reasons. My reason is simply because I love food. KD's reason? Ask her....

So here are some pictures of some meals we have cooked recently....

Chicken, Green Beans, & Red Potatoes - Simple dish with hand-cut baked chicken and boiled vegetables seasoned to taste made by KD.

Beef Stir Fry - The vegetables were frozen in a bag (stir fry mix), and we cut up some beef. Delish.

Fried Pork Chops & Brussel Sprouts - I was eagerly hungry that eveing, as evident in missing piece of pork chop proir to taking the picture.

Baked Pork Chops & Green Beans - This was a pretty tender pork chop, and healthier then the previous picture. I have another pork chop recipes that is EVEN BETTER than the above two, but I think I ate all of it too quickly before remembering to capture a picture of others words, it was really good!

Buffalo Shrimp Quesadillas - I wanted to re-create this from Ruby Tuesday's version, but it did not turn out the same, although still pretty good. I did not have the right torilla, nor did I have a frying pan that flattens foods, hense the thickness.

Chopped Chicken, Pasta & Vegetables - KD made this dish and had some sort of grilling/roasting action going on with the chicken. Whatever she did, it was soooo good! I have three words for the chicken - soft, tasty, seconds.

Chicken, Pasta, & Garlic Toast - Another dish by KD with different pasta and vegetables. This was frozen pasta and came with its own sauce.

Steak, Shrimp Scampi, and Mix Vegetables - We will definitely be making this again some time soon. The vegetables consisted of yellow carrots, navy beans, and spincach. This dish was not perfect because I was too heavy on the seasoning for the shrimp. Next time, it will be perfect!

Fried Chicken Tenders, Brocolli & Cheese - I have finally leared how to make soft tenders after about 3 years.

SPECIALTY ALERT: Pepperoni & Bacon Pizza on Wheat Crust - KD gave this a 15 on a 10 point scale! I also make a BBQ chicken pepperoni pizza, but this one was way better. Another one of those too good to wait dishes. Disregard the old pizza pan...

Chicken & Vegetables - Another dish by KD. She says she is trying to perfect her roasted chicken before she moves on, but I say she is ready to move on! Delish.

(and for dessert) Chocolate Chip Muffins - I made these for a bake sale for the MS 150. They did not turn out as I expected, but nonetheless were pretty good.

These are a few staples in a long list of dishes we like to cook, and we're looking to add more recipes, so Khloa will think we are excellent cooks and so I can stop depending on restaurants for great food (like Ruby Tuesday's Buffalo Shrimp Quesadillas).

Do you have any favorite dishes you swear by? We'd like to hear about other homemade dishes that you have perfected in the comments section.

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