Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Life In A New City

So September 7, 2010 marked the first day of me working at my new job. As of this post, it has been about three months, and I'm loving every minute of it. It is all that I had hoped for. It's more than just a step up from my previous job. For example, if my career level at my previous job was a 3, then I have moved up to like a 9. To me, that's a big deal! I've always been a firm believer to always grow in your career, and personal life for that matter. I always set goals in place for my life, whether it be something small like save money for the month, to weight loss, to landing that next big position. And getting this position was a goal I had over three years ago, and to actually experience it was something special alone.

So then comes the news my wife presented to me the second week we were in (hold your breath):

She wanted to play a prank on me by taking a random pregnancy test and lying to me that it came back positive, as if she just knew it would be negative...but what do you know?? She took and it DID come back positive!!!!

You hear that blog world! REIGN is gon be a daddy!!

That was a little snippet of Martin I thought you'd enjoy.

So KD is now 4 month pregnant. We are so excited, because this will be our first child and we obviously have no clue on what to do. How exciting!! New city, new state, new job, and new addition to the family. This song helps describe my feeling of our new life, courtesy of Little Brother.

That'll teach her. Now I must go find things to sell.


How did you spend your Thanksgiving!!

I must say, our first Thanksgiving in Houston, TX was cool. We weren’t around much family, but I got to relax, and we did get to spend time with at least one family member (let’s just say she’s like a sister to us...). We didn't do much cooking, but we had all of our favorites: ham, cabbage, lasagna, stuffing, and of course the turkey. But I am trying to lose some weight, so as you can understand this is the most difficult time for me , not to mention I'm the one that made the lasagna (a very forceful special request every year from the wife for both Thanksgiving AND Christmas...). But so far, I have done pretty good. I have actually lost a pound and (thank GOD) have not gained any.

On top of the food, and a family member visit, I get to sleep in...something I cherish every single day.

So how did you spend your Thanksgiving?


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome to....(In my most southern voice…)!

Houston Downtown Tunnel

So the place we decided to move, and the place I so greatfully received a job offer in due time is HOUSTON!!!!

We arrived in Houston about 1pm on September 1st, and can officially call it home sweet home. We were smiling from ear to ear when we arrived at the gate of our new apartment complex!!! See, this was a dream come true for us. This was 3+ years in the making. This meant we can finally start building our family and the past 3+ years all was in preparation for this very moment.

…Moment of clarity…

In retrospect, that road trip took a heavy toll on us!

We could not wait until we got here. I mean the long road trip was very taxing. The only places I will be driving are to work, and to get food from around the corner (I know...I'm over exaggerating…so what). But we arrived safely and the apartment we selected from DC, that we never saw in person, was indeed everything we needed. But the only problem is….we do not have any furniture!! See, to save money, we got rid of all our old furniture, because it was just not worth moving down here. But I do have my 46” TV and PS3, and oh….we had to buy a bed. So what more can we ask for?

Wait….there’s more…(I am just at September 1st….)


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Road Trip!!!!

We wanted to move out of DC and to a state that we can start a family. Ya know...affordability, good schools, nice neighborhoods, low cost of living, decent income opportunities, etc. And in August, 2010 our wish came true. I received a job offer out of state that advanced my career to the next level! How perfect God works! I received the offer about a week prior to our end of lease term. So that meant we were able to pack up and move out. Before we arrived at our destination, we wanted to do a half-cross country road trip and visit places and people on the way. Our first stop was...

Charlotte, North Carolina!!

We got there late that night, and stayed at a hotel that I will never recommend to anyone. The people were nice, but I just had a nasty feeling about it. Unfortunately, we were not able to sight see in North Carolina, because we got there too late, then woke up to late the next day, and didn’t want to be behind schedule on to our next city...

Atlanta, GA!!!

We got there at a decent hour, and had enough time to sight see and enjoy the city. And although the hotel was a little better, it still had a nasty feeling to it. But then again, these are basically all the hotels I expected to stay in because I’m cheap. So I blame myself. But nonetheless, we got to visit the Georgia Aquarium, as well as the Atlantic Station. Both were pleasant. We rested, and on a Thursday, we got up and headed to the next city...

Memphis, TN!!!!

This is where my sweet KD is from! We stayed here from for most of our road trip because of this. I always secretly thought of this as my home away from home. My extended family always treats me well. It is always a vacation for me when I go there, but for KD, she forgets about me a little, and becomes like a kid in a candy store, and I’m ok with that! Monday morning we got up on our way to the next city...

Dallas, TX

Now for those of you that know me, you already know I not only despise Cowgirls, but I hate the city too. Unfortunately this was nonetheless on our way to our destination, and KD’s brother lived here (why???) so we included this in our trip. After stopping here and seeing a little of the city, I must say I hate it even more, and oh how much I love this year’s NFL season! But the stadium does look nice, and they had a nice mall, which of course does not compare to a mall in our new home city. And I will not name their mall as I am already giving too much attention to the city any.

So...we finally left this bad, bad city and after an entire week of road trippin’, we arrived at our new home city. The city has all of the characteristics we were looking for in a city, and we will be calling it our home for a long, long time. We have been here since September 1st, and we have no regrets. Where are we now you ask? I will give you a hint: it’s warm here most of the year, and it’s very close to Mexico! Will let you know in our next post…so stay tuned...


Saturday, November 6, 2010

So What Have You Been Up To?

There have been many changes going on here in our lives, most of you know all the changes, but for those of you that do not know...I am here to give you the lo-down over the last 6 months!!

Before I explained our last six months, I would just like to say that Texas de Brazil is our favorite restaurant!!! We ate there like four times in a month, but unfortunately, there isn't any where we are now....until 2011....


So....between May and August there hasn't been many things going on...just us trying to get out of the basement and back into a place of our own. It was a decent experience. I appreciated the space we rented. The bills were low, but the distance between home and work was a pain. On a good day, I would drive 45 minutes all highway miles! Hey I know some people travel further, but I hate driving in traffic. I wanted to make sure when we moved out of state that this would not be an issue.

The location where we lived (Woodbridge) was a prime area. I didn't realized how fortunate we were to live in such an area until we moved! We had so many stores/restaurants/attractions in the area, and to top it all off one of my best friends lived 5 minutes away from me, and we would frequent poker on a regular basis! Those were the good ol' days....(so what it has only been 6 months...)

But the cons to Woodbridge was the distance from the city of DC: 90+ percent of my family and friends lived closer to DC, I would have to drive to DC to play basketball because in Arlington (near Pentagon City) it was the only court I knew that would garuantee people there, and oh yea…the job thing.

But nonetheless that is all past us because we are no longer in the DC area. Where are we? Stay tuned….


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Nobody But You

KD and I are going to see our favorite hip hop group tonight, Little Brother!!! They will be in concert at the Black Cat starting at 8pm. This will be my 3rd time and KD’s 2nd time going to see them in concert. Since they recently released their fourth studio album, Leftback, they have told the world they will no longer be a group, and the two members (formerly three), will be doing separate projects.


This is not the business!! This is coming from a fan since 2003. We love their music, and they are the main reason why I wanted to become a rap artist (secret dream of mine). They’re music is always a breath of fresh air, and I feel like I can relate to their words and style. When I listen to them I feel like they are taking words right out of my mouth, and saying it the EXACT same way I want to say it! It confuses me that there are not more people that know about them.

Truthfully, I wish they were more known to others so when I talk about their music, other don’t look at me strange. Then again, the fact that they are not as known makes their music that much more special to me when I hear it, because they’re THAT good! So today I will be playing their music from their new album so I can memorize it and sing along with them at the concert...but I don’t think KD will be ready to sing along....

We'll let you know how it turns out!!!

Oh yea...Second:

Little Brother is second to none, check it out here...OUT!!


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hair Gurl Dreams :-)

What's going on people?

I hope ya'll are enjoying your night. I'm laying in bed reading Gotta Keep On Tryin by. Virginia Deberry & Donna Grant & partly listening to Reign play his PlayStation. I'm grateful to finally have time to start reading again. It's one of my favorite past times, but with life happenings nowadays it gets put on the back burner. : \ But I want to read at least 2-3 books. I remember when I would read a book in a day & the next day I would be on to the next! That was back when I was younger & didn't have hardly any responsibilities. Ah...the times. :-)

Today, I want to share something special with you all. Usually, I don't talk aboout my other blogs on here because this is pretty much me & Reign's married life's ups & downs. However, my other blog Hair Gurl has a lot to do with me as a person so I must include it & share it with you all on here....especially today. ;-) I posted my first celebrity interview on HairGurl today & I gotta tell ya'll it was such a turning point for me. Only a few people around me truly know my long term goals for Hair Gurl. My goals are BIG. HUGE. Everything is a process & I'm determined to achieve my goals. Everything will come together in 2010. Sooner than you think. ;-) So this is a very special year for me. I've already opened the doors to the Hair Gurl Boutique which is apart of the goal. I am mostly mum on the subject because it's a good idea and I don't want anyone to steal it. I'm serious. It's my dream. My dream career. When almost everything is set in place, I promise to reveal. :-)

So tonight I've just been reflecting a little. My dreams are unfolding right before my eyes & it seems so unreal. I know to some a celebrity interview is not that big of a deal, but it is to me. I see beyond it & I'm looking at the future possibilities. I hope you guys will follow me on my journey. :-)

Monday, May 10, 2010

We're Alive!

Sorry for the lack of posts over this last week! Busy, busy, busy. A lot has happened over the last week & a half. ;-) We're preparing for upcoming trips (oh yeah!), going through the ups & downs of being married, still saving for a house (i can't wait!), blah, blah, blah. Well, you'll read all about it in the upcoming posts. lol New posts are coming up starting tommorrow. Thanks everyone for being patient with us! :-)

Sidenote: The hubs and I saw Iron Man 2 last night and it was so good! Please go see it! How was everyone's Mother's Day? :D

Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Mind Over the Last Few Days...

Photos from the Boston Herald, Essence, & other places around the web....

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Video Your Man Is Not Allowed to Watch

Have ya'll checked out Ciara's new video "Ride" featuring Ludacris? She looks amazing! This girl is truly getting it in the video. Her body is bangin' to say the least. If anyone had anything negative to say about her dancing skills, she basically shut them all the way down with this one! Reminds me of a young Janet Jackson.

Her outfit really reminds me of the one Beyonce wore in "Crazy In Love". I really want a bathing suit like that. And I'm joking about the title ya'll. If you're secure with yourself then this video won't bother you. Okay? Now I'm off to do some Later!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Marriage Is What You Make It

I'm in a Love Jones kinda mood. This may be my favorite romance movie. A lot of (love) situations in my life, have me running back to this movie. Today, I immediately thought of this dialogue from it. Fast forward to 7:30 to see what I'm talking about.

Darius: You think you're with the woman you're supposed to be with?

It depends on which day you ask.

And then Savon goes on to say...

Savon: People with profound insights on life know not to get married. And those who do oughta know that marriage is what you make it.

I have to say. Savon speaks the truth. Marriage is what you make it. A marriage doesn't just happen without effort. Good & Bad. Whether it's good or bad, some kind of effort has been made for it to go either way. If your effort sucks, then the marriage will suck. I just don't understand why more men don't realize this.*sigh*

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sleeping With The TV On

Normally, we don't sleep with the tv on. I can sleep with it on or off (thanks to various roommates in college). However, Reign can't sleep with the tv on....or so he says. I beg to differ.

He can't go to sleep watching this stuff....

BUT, he will fall fast asleep while watching this....

....and anything else that's sports related! I've tested this a number of times & it always happens. When he falls asleep to sports, I wait awhile. Then, I turn the channel. And that is when he starts tossing & turning. It's so cute to see actually. :-) So technically, he can sleep with the tv on. If it's on sports that is. Go figure. Men. #thatisall.

Have a great weekend! It's going to be a rainy one for us.

Sports images from Espn

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

How Does Your State's Car Insurance Rank?

The hubs and I recently saw this article on Yahoo. This explains why our car insurance dropped $300 when we moved to Virginia from Maryland. Ha!

According to this article, VA ranks #37 on the list & MD is at #17. Here's the complete list.

1 Louisiana $2,510.87
2 Michigan $2,098.29
3 Oklahoma $1,869.39
4 Montana $1,857.96
5 California $1,774.41
6 South Dakota $1,772.83
7 Washington, D.C. $1,753.19 (not surprised to see D.C. right here)
8 Georgia $1,751.42
9 Illinois $1,679.15
10 Connecticut $1,678.90
11 Arkansas $1,648.80
12 New Mexico $1,603.65
13 Rhode Island $1,595.97
14 West Virginia $1,589.69
15 Alaska $1,572.21
16 Wyoming $1,552.98
17 Maryland $1,550.13
18 Kansas $1,524.51
19 Kentucky $1,515.30
20 Colorado $1,480.97
21 Mississippi $1,474.94
22 New Jersey $1,473.73
23 New York $1,463.21
24 Texas $1,462.65
25 Florida $1,453.20
26 Pennsylvania $1,420.78
27 Delaware $1,405.80
28 Missouri $1,390.59
29 Minnesota $1,381.09
30 Alabama $1,380.38
31 North Dakota $1,365.22
32 Hawaii $1,306.97
33 Indiana $1,302.51
34 Nevada $1,282.50
35 Washington $1,279.84
36 Utah $1,234.30
37 Virginia $1,233.36
38 Nebraska $1,210.74
39 Oregon $1,194.69
40 Idaho $1,183.47
41 South Carolina $1,182.18
42 Tennessee $1,170.12 (oh yeah!)
43 Arizona $1,152.50
44 North Carolina $1,130.45
45 Massachusetts $1,043.80
46 Iowa $1,039.04
47 New Hampshire $1,011.23
48 Wisconsin $1,010.93
49 Ohio $999.86
50 Vermont $968.58
51 Maine $902.85

Where do you live? How does your car insurance add up to this list?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

R.I.P. Dorothy Height

Reign and I just saw her at the 2009 Black Family Reunion in Washington, D.C, which she attended every year. I really admired her determination & the sacrifices she took. What she did for the civil rights movement will never be forgotten. I remember first hearing her name on A Different World. Remember? I was a kid back then. In the newer seasons, Whitley & Kimberly ran Height Hall, named after Dorothy Height.

Here are some photos we took of her on the park monitor when she spoke....

She was truly an extraordinary woman who lived a full life. Words can't describe what she's been to African Americans every where. She will live on forever in our hearts. R.I.P. Dorothy Height.

Monday, April 19, 2010

First Wedding Since Our Marriage

The wedding was beautiful this weekend. :-) The bride and groom looked amazing & we're so happy for them. The hubs and I had so much fun! :D

Here we are.....

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This was officially the first wedding we've attended since we jumped the broom. Of course, I thought about our wedding a lot while we were at the ceremony and reception. It brought back a lot of memories. :-) The best day of my life. :D A lot goes into planning everything & people that have never experienced it don't realize the stress of it all. It all boils down to one day that seems to go by so fast. The best advice I can give anyone planning a wedding is utilize Ebay, Etsy, & Craig's List for deals! We didn't pay full price for most things. More to come on what we did......Later ya'll.

Friday, April 16, 2010

This Very Moment

Yesterday, I went to the Shecky's Girls Night Out event in D.C. I had fun with one of my friends! :-) However, it was so stressful getting around in D.C. & parking (i will never try to park there during rush hour again!). Thanks to my friend & Reign I was able to get (un)lost (not a real word I don't think) & find a parking spot. I was a little ticked off at Reign because we were having serious miscommunication problems. :-( I'm over it. I can never stay mad at him for long. :-) I told ya'll, Marriage is an everyday class. I couldn't wait to get out of D.C. & back to good 'ol VA. lol Have a great weekend! We're going to a wedding tommorrow. I know it's going to be so beautiful. :-) This song was played as I walked down the aisle almost 8 months ago...Time really flies.

K-Ci & JoJo's "This Very Moment"

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Husband Does the Sweetest Things. :-)

I put this in my status on Facebook, but I wanted to share it here on the blog. On Saturday, I ran a few errands. While I was out, Reign called me and told me he was out running. He wanted to know where I was so he could come meet me. He said he wanted to see me. Actually, he said "I was out running so I figured I might as well run to my baby." Instant butterflies. Yeah I still get them from his sweet somethings. ;-) Mind you, I was like 3-4 miles away from our house (i mean apartment).

So we met up in the parking lot of Dollar Tree and I noticed one of my earrings was missing. He went back to into DT, found the earring, & brought it back to me. :D :D :D :D :D Those are some of my favorite earrings! He does the sweetest things. The absolute.sweetest.things. Things I never imagined a husband would do....When he does stuff like this, I feel like the luckiest woman in the whole world. He's my Superman. :-)

Scratch that. He's my Spiderman (his favorite) ;-)

I love you baby. :-)

Monday, April 12, 2010

What Chilli Wants: All Women Should Have A List

Last night, I checked out VH1's new Sunday night line up. I liked all 3 new shows which consisted of: Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business, Basketball Wives ( I can see the drama unfolding...), & What Chilli Wants. I took an immediate liking to What Chilli Wants. WCW focuses on Rozonda Thomas, who we know as Chilli from "TLC", searching for a man. And not just any man. She has a list of requirements. Chilli states on the show that she compromised in the past & she's not doing that anymore. She wants the total package. ;-)

A few things from her list of must-haves:

1. Doesn't smoke

2. Doesn't drink

3. Can't eat pork

4. 6 pack stomach (but she said she'd settle for a 4 pack)

Chilli is getting a lot of slack for her list because most think she's looking for a man that doesn't exist. The perfect man. From the few things they've listed I see nothing wrong with the list. *looks around* There's nothing wrong with having standards. I got pretty much everything (and more) I wanted in Reign. Knowing what you need/want/ in a man & what you won't deal with is the most important part of picking a mate. Some women wait until they're in a relationship to figure out what they want from a man. I used my list as a way to pick the man I wanted to be in a relationship with. For example, I could have never.dealt.with.a.smoker. There was no compromising on this! I'm not kissing someone who tastes like a pack of cigarettes. 0_0

Here's what Chilli says about the list:

"I definitely
encourage all women to have a list. [Laughs]. C’mon now. Even you, now. You better have a check list. If you don’t, after this conversation, go ahead and start writing down the things that you need and the things that you want [from a man]. I think that’s very important."

I totally agree. She makes a very good point. How do you know what you want/need from a man if you don't make a list? What do you think about Chilli's list? Do/Did you have a list? If so, what's/what was on it? Check out what else Chilli has to say about the show here.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Couple Killed After Engagement Party

I am saddened by this devastating news....although I'm a little late on this. Nia Haqq & Michael Muchioki, a young black couple, were murdered after returning home from their engagement party in Jersey City, New Jersey on April 3rd. The suspects attempted to carjack them, but failed because of an anti-theft device on their Honda CRV. I'm very emotional as I type this...this could have been any couple I know or even Reign and I. It's so sad...this really hit home because they're like us. Muchioki's fraternity brothers have already created a site in memory of the couple. Please visit it at

Nia worked as an associate producer & Mike as a software engineer. They are described by friends as "ambitious, out-going, and successful." This is what America's young black couple looks like...

The criminals stole Nia's engagement ring, but Muchioki's family bought her another one. The couple, whose funerals were April 8th & 9th, were buried side by side wearing wedding bands.

It has been reported that 4 people have been arrested in connection with the murders. Read more about the story here & here. Thank God they are off the streets. I'm going to hold my baby just a little bit longer tonight.....May Nia & Mike rest in peace.

Photos courtesy of Essence

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