Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Just Lost a Good Friend

So this past Sunday, I decided to do something that would ultimately change my life. This change would not only require dedication and test my will power, but it would give me the opportunity to increase my focus on other things, such as our blog (shameless plug), the baby coming, and Criminal Minds. This change would also test our marriage...yes...our marriage!. So before I tell you what the change is, let me tell you how I got to this point....

When KD and I lived in the DC area, me and my old co-worker, and good friend Dwayne, decided to go to the mall on our lunch break as we would seldom do because we had a common interest in electronics, clothes, electonics..., and just hanging out. This was back in late 2009. While at the mall, this is where I met someone that would turn out to be another good friend. This soon to be good friend and I hit it off instantly. I was thrilled that my good friend officially became apart of my life. I've always wanted a friend like this; someone I can chill with throughout the week, even late at night.

But over time, I began spending too much time with my good friend. There were times I would neglect KD, and she and I would even have small spats because of this. But I told her, "I got this...I can spend quality time with you, and still have time to spend with my good friend". But deep down inside, I knew that it would be hard for me to do. This person gave me so much joy and satisfaction that it was hard to pull away and say "No. We will hang out another time".

But it wasn't just causing problems with KD and I. I found myself falling behind in weight loss. To this day, I still have not caught up to my weight loss goal. So I thought to myself, I can do this; I would temporary stop hanging out with my friend until I can put things back into perspective. I must first prioritize what's important, show discipline, and then I can put my friend in the proper place where my friend belongs. I told KD my plans and she said 'Thank God'!

So for about two months what would change my life is to end my friendship, temporarily...with my PS3.

Just until I get rid of my addiction.....Step 1...


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Bike Lost...

I just went through my second bike. The first one I bought was from Target, thinking I can use a cheap bike to train with. #yearight

GMC 25" 700C Men's Denali Road Bike

I did not even get a chance to ride this bike, as the back tire was flat when I bought it, and when I did put air in it, I noticed that the front wheel was bent. I was highly dissapointed, so I returned it to Target.

Next, I decided to go to Walmart and I purchased a hybrid bike.

Hiland Spark Men's Hybrid City Bike

This bike was great for what I needed, so I thought. When I did ride it, I noticed everyone passing me with ease, and I know I was putting in as much effort if not more as others. That made me realize that I needed a pure road bike if I wanted speed, but I figured when I do get a road bike for the MS 150 it would be much easier for me to ride and I would continue to use my cheap hybrid bike.

Until I rode up a fairly steep hill...

As I was switching gears, the chain popped!!! WTH!! I was even more pissed. Luckily I was only about .5 miles from home. So I walked home, cleaned up, and drove to Walmart to return my second bike. Second bike in like a month! I have learned a new lesson today: I've learned that I need a good quality bike for training and for the MS 150 ride.

The question now is, where am I going to find the money for this? Only two months left. Wish me luck....


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Beat KD at Connect Four

10. It was the new version with different ways to play, and I practiced all of them before playing her.

9. I distracted her by my charm.

8. She was looking at TV when we played.

7. She doesn't know my history with this game.

6. She is pregnant.

5. I didn't beat her, I demolished her.

4. I'm good at what I do. Everything.

3. She claimed I got lucky.

2. Today was a good day!

1. It's payback for Monopoly


Friday, February 18, 2011

Cool Juice #Fail

This is why sometimes I pass on trying new things....when I don't like it, it's basically money wasted. This juice tastes like fruit AND coconut. I really don't care for juices with coconut in them. I like coconut....just not in a juice. However, when I scanned the ingredients there's no coconut listed.0_O So I don't know where the taste is coming from....Reign even said it was nasty and he usually likes most things. Slowly, he's trying to finish it off. I won't be touching it again though. The is the longest juice has every lasted in our house. I believe it's been almost 3 weeks.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

Situational TV Shows

I hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day! We did. All I wanted was chocolate and Reign filled that request. So I was one happy preggie lady. :D

There's this new show that comes on called One Born Every Minute. It premiered on the Lifetime channel a few weeks. I don't get to see it on the night it comes on (because of The Game), but I do watch it on Demand when I get a chance. This tv show is recorded in a hospital in Ohio (can't remember the name) and they capture the women arriving to the hospital and they take us through their delivery until they give birth. I find the show very funny. The men are....let's just say they couldn't buy a clue. Not all, most. One guy couldn't even sit still! He kept talking about his ADD. One guy told his girlfriend to, "Breath, man." Are they serious? OBEM started reminding me of when I used to look at Bridezillas before Reign & I wed in Aug '09. I watched that show faithfully. It always had me cracking up.

After I got married though, I stopped watching it. The so-called "bridezillas" annoyed me. I went from fan to foe in a matter of months. I wonder if that will be the case with One Born Every Minute. That's why I titled this post situational tv shows. I'm preggie so the show relates to my 'situation' per se...but will I still be watching it after I give birth in May? Probably not!


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Macho, Macho Man!

Last Thursday, snow was predicted to hit Houston. Didn't we move here to get away from the snow?? Anyway, that night I stayed up late (and so did Reign; he'd decided to work from home on Friday) because I wanted to see when it hit. I waited, waited, and waited, but snow never came. It kept being pushed back until finally the prediction was that it would snow Friday morning. We did get freezing rain on Thursday night though, but I didn't think anything of it. Snow never came though.

So Friday morning, I hear someone tumbling down the steps. Not someone walking-TUMBLING. #ohmy I immediately assumed it was the man who lives right across from us because he's always running up and down the steps. When he does the whole building shakes! It's extremely annoying. I guess he tried to run down the steps that day and.....and instead tumbled. We inspected the steps and sure enough there was ice on each one courtesy of the freezing rain. Didn't he see the ice?!?! Obviously not, or maybe he thought because he was a man, he would be fine.We'll call him Macho Man #1. It was below freezing so that ice wasn't going anywhere that day.

Later on that day, Reign (Macho Man #2) declared that he was going to the workout room. o_O -___- Wth??! Going where? How? There was ice on the steps! Did he wanna end up like the man across the hall?? MEN. We'd already talked about and AGREED that the man was crazy for even trying to venture out with ice on the steps. So I guess he was gonna prove that 2 crazy men lived on the 2nd level. I immediately protested and told him it was a stupid idea. I copped a serious attitude after that because I knew he was going to try to go. I guess he assumed he too would be okay because he's a man.

Then Macho Man #2 goes outside with the hammer and proceeds to break through the ice with the hammer. That was a no-go. Then, the woman across the hall opens her door. Her's the convo...

Woman: "Are you trying to go down the steps?"

Reign:"I'd like to."

Woman: "Don't even try! My husband fell down the steps this morning! He tried to grab onto the rail, but he said it was covered in ice too. It's not worth it."

They chat a little while longer. Reign comes back amused and I'm flat out cracking up!!! I'd already told him it was a bad idea, but he didn't wanna listen to me. A complete stranger basically had to talk him out of it. I laughed about this for a good while. (I'm still laughing!!!)

Every time he does crap like this Macho Man comes to mind.

Sidenote: I just found out from my mother we could've used our sea salt to perhaps help melt the ice. Btw, The ice was gone the next morning.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Our New Love: Criminal Minds

Reign and I don't really watch a lot of television together. Ya'll already know we love The Game! I watch more tv than Reign, but there's not a lot of shows we like together. I may be looking at House Hunters and Reign will come in and look at bits & pieces of it. That's about it though. Criminal Minds took us completely off guard....

Since moving to Houston, we've been catching episodes of Criminal Minds off and on. Not on purpose though. Just every now and then while lounging in bed. So gradually we began loving the show without knowing it. I love the BAU team. :D We even started looking for it on tv. (Mind you, we had no idea Criminal Minds premiers a new episode every week on CBS). Well, most of the episodes are new to us because we haven't been watching it for the past 5 years. Mostly, on a Saturday or Sunday night, we'd find CM marathons on the A & E channel. yesterday the hubs and I were chatting & decided to look up the show to find out more about it. I found out a new season started in September and we've been missing all these episodes all these years (since '05)!!! -_____-

So imagine how we both feel. Here it is 5 years and 6 seasons later and we're just now getting on the bandwagon. Don't you hate when that happens?! This is exactly how I felt after I started shopping at thrift stores in 2010. All those cheap deals I missed over the years...but I'm getting off the subject. The Criminal Minds dvd collection on Amazon is about $130. We're thinking about getting it so we stop just catching random episodes? We won't stop looking at the ones we do catch though. I don't have that kind of self control. This show is just too good! ;-)

Just in case you don't know about Criminal Minds, you can find out more info here:

Dr. Spencer Reid is my fave!

New episodes show on CBS Wednesdays 8/9c. Starting this week, we're looking at them on ION on Monday, Tuesdays, AND Wednesdays. One even comes on at the same time as The Game, lol. Crazy. We chose The Game though. ;-) Oh and they're premiering a new spinoff called Criminal Minds:Suspect Behavior on Feb. 16th.

2nd pic from Criminal Minds Fans Wiki


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We Agree: Nature's Own

I meant to post this last year sometime. You guys might not think this is surprising or important, but trust is. While living in Virginia, something monumental happened in our marriage.

We finally agree on the same brand of bread: Nature's Own. Not the the same exact kind of course, but the same brand. For years, we've been buying separate brands, but that is no more. So instead of agreeing to disagree, we just...agreed. Nature's Own is our favorite bread now. :-)

Can you guess which one is mine???


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