About Us

This blog has been a long time coming. I became a little frustrated when I searched online and could hardly find any blogs about educated young couples trying to establish their lives and careers together.  Sure there are countless wedding and parenting/mommy blogs, but where are the blogs about the life of a young black married couple? The good, the bad, and the ugly. We are the in between couple-newlyweds, but no babies yet!  I also wanted a place where the hubs and I could talk about our many differences, debates, and attitudes on different subjects. We have THE craziest random debates!

So I introduce you to The Leo Duo. :-)

I was never into astrology...until I started dating my husband! I quickly came to the realization that the person I was falling in love with was.just.like.me. Seriously...he is.  My husband I are the ultimate Leos. Know-it-alls. Bossy. Very Confident. Ambitious. Creative. Outgoing. Together we've built a bond that can't be broken. ;-)

This blog is where we'll document how we're striving to be that couple that lives up to it's full potential. We want the dream career, cars, and home. We don't just sit around dreaming about the life we want. We're taking those necessary and sometimes scary steps to get it!  Welcome to our world. We hope to inspire you. :-)

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