Monday, January 31, 2011

The Greatest Ride of My Life

During my time on this Earth, I always look to set personal goals for myself throughout life, and work hard until those goals are achieved. I feel like I’m wasting my life away if I don’t have something on the horizon, or if I don’t have a goal that I am ‘currently working on’. So I thought to share what my current goal in life is: to ride in the BP MS 150. What is the BP MS 150 you ask and why is your current goal to ride in it? Follow me...

Here is a 'blurb' from my MS 150 page on what it is all about and why I ride (with more clarifying info):

"The BP MS 150 is a bike ride from Houston, TX to Austin, TX (approximately 150-180 miles). It has always been a goal of mine to do something of this magnitude. I always admired marathon runners and there endurance to finish the race. This is what I'm determined to do: finish the race. I also want to help in the race for support for people with multiple sclerosis. Although the fight for curing multiple sclerosis may be an uphill battle, we together can make a difference by helping the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and their research efforts.

The National MS Society efforts go a long way in a progressive disease that affects the lives of 400,000. In addition to a personal goal of mine, I decide to ride for the members of our society living with multiple sclerosis. "

In additional to riding, I have a personal goal of helping with the fundraising efforts for the society by personally raising $400. This money will go to the National MS Society and their efforts to find a cure for this disease and to treat individuals who live with multiple sclerosis.

Here is the link to my personal page. Please support my efforts by making a donation.

I will have more info later on this, but thought I share with you on what I'm doing NOW, in addition to waiting on little KC to be born....

What are your current goals, big or small?


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Were You Friends Before Dating?-Reign’s View (Revisited)

Sometime last year, KD posted about our friendship before we started dating, and how it has helped us in our marriage. You can read it here. I was going back through our old post and saw this, and remembered that I never actually posted my point of view. So here it is:

When I first met Kenya, I never looked at her as a potential wife. Actually, one of my friends was actually having more of a conversation with her than I. Like KD said, we were both in a relationship, so I never thought to reach out to her, but I did think she was a cool person.

The following semester, I made a bold move to deliberately get up out of my seat in the back of a class we had together and leave two of my friends to go sit right beside KD in the front row. I didn’t know what I was going to say when I sat down. It was bold because I never really spoke to her during the entire semester, and all we would do is, at the most, say “Hi” during passing. But when I sat down and said “Hi” she was so welcoming and made me very comfortable to have a conversation. It was a breath of fresh air. From that point forward is when I believe our friendship grew and blossomed to what it is today. Every time I think about our beginnings, it always brings me back to that moment. It's not like I had all these marital plans before sitting beside her, but I feel if I did not take that bold step then maybe our lives wouldn't have turned out the way they did...

Wow...I just had a moment of reflection...

Ever since then our friendship has grown far more than I could ever image. She would be the first person I would call when I had relationship trouble. I would tell her everything. I trusted her with secrets I could not share with others. Whenever I would share those secrets, she always made me feel like I wasn’t crazy, or she knew exactly how I felt. I use to even share with her when I thought another woman was attractive. Of course that is one thing I can’t share with her anymore...not that I find any other women attractive anymore...

Over the past ten years, we’ve gone through many relationship obstacles, and as the years progress, we grow stronger. Our friendship grows stronger. Our bond grows stronger. I truly believe this is why our marriage will last. We were friends before we were lovers. In all of my past relationships that mattered, I was friends with the woman before we started dating, and each of those relationships lasted years. Out of the relationships that I was not friends with the woman, the length of time we were together is not even worth mentioning. I whole-heartedly believe that you have to be friends before you can be lovers. Our friendship is our foundation, which I hope to instil in our children when they reach this point in their lives.

My question to you: Do you know of a relationship that lasted (more than two years), and the two individuals were not friends before they were together? I’m curious...


Monday, January 24, 2011

Mark Sanchez Wipes a Booger on Mark Brunell

I just had to post this. This is so funny to me!

Thats's just dirty man.


Sunday, January 23, 2011

How we spent our Saturday...(Baby Alert)

We went to our child birthing class this Saturday, and I must say, even though it was long as a mug (8 hours) we got a lot out of it. I was hoping that we could wait until our eight month to save money (see one of my previous post here) because then it would’ve been free, but the mother-to-be said “I may go into labor early, and I am not going to want to lug this stomach around going to a class”, So I had to do what she said and pay the money. But it was worth it. Here are some of the things I learned:

1) Be extremely nice to the mother-to-be during labor because she may turn into another person. This is because of the excruciating pain. We saw many videos of labor and it was nothing short of amazing.

2) We have to start looking for a pediatrician. Now. (We’re at six months).

3) The class taught us breathing techniques that can be used during labor. They were kind of cool and funny. I just hope KD remembers them.

4) There are many pain reliever options available for labor. One being epidural, which numbs the entire lower body of the mother-to-be, but it slows down the labor. So KD should not feel any pain should she choose to get this. A contraction does come, and she will not even know it, so the doctor will have to tell her when to push. Epidural is injected in the lower back.

5) I learned what it means to be dilated, and how big 8 cm is. When a woman gets 8 cm that means to me the baby is just about here.

6) The doctor has a large number of tools that helps them get the baby out if needed, including large tongs that look like salad tossing tongs. I hope we don’t need that on our little girl.

7) The normal position of a baby is upside down, and facing the back. This is the normal position for when the baby comes out.

8) I learned how to count contractions. Don’t ask me how.

9) We were also taught massaging techniques that can be used when the mother is in pain that will help. Some include massaging the lower middle back, and rubbing the thighs.

10) There are three stages of labor: Early, active, and transition. In each stage, the mother may have a different mood, and it is my job as her support person to help her through these different stages. I am ready!!

So you see, we fathers do pay attention, and I cannot wait until my daughter gets here! I’m lovin’ her already. I love you too, KD!

How about you? Do you have any advice or stories to share regarding labor?


Saturday, January 15, 2011

Did you enjoy the return of The Game?

Yes, I admit it. I am a big fan of the TV show on BET The Game. When it first aired on The CW, I was in denial. I would watch a little of it and when KD asked me if I enjoyed it, I would always respond with "It's OK". But I am very excited that it has returned. More so, I enjoy it because this is something KD and I genuinely have in common.

But do you have a wife that was so enraged over that fact that a TV show was taken off the air, and then extremely overjoyed when hearing of its return after almost 2 years because ‘the fans’ brought it back, and then when the first episode of the new season airs, she becomes hysterical and states: “This show is taking me through too much. When they go through stuff, I go through stuff. So I’m done. I cannot watch anymore”? But just before the next episode airs, she is super excited again and she “Can’t wait to watch it”. Do you have a wife like this???

Well I do.

But I still love her. Can’t wait ‘til Tuesday gets here...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sweet Somethings

Reign left this on our board one day after I found out I was preggie. We always leave each other messages on there when we don't have time to talk or just because. His just because messages always make me smile. :-)


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Game Is Airing Tonight!!!

Remember when I wrote this post wayyy back when? Well, if you've been living under rock allow me to inform you that The Game is officially back airing on BET tonight 9pm central/10pm eastern time. The hubs and I are so excited! It's been a long year & a half of anticipation. The Game was definitely our favorite tv show before CW snatched it from the network. Beyond excited actually. This is the 1st time the fans have ever brought back a black television show. Definitely #progess. Please support black television ya'll. Reign is making his infamous bbq chicken pizza for me tonight so this will definitely be a night of pure bliss, lol!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

10 Reasons (Excuses) on why KD beat me at Monopoly!!

10. She was pressed to beat me after I demolished her two times.

9. I was distracted by her beauty.

8. I wasn't that into it this time.

7. I felt sorry for her when she lost to me.

6. I think she switched the dice.

5. I wanted to see if I can come from behind to win.

4. I'm use to handling real money; fake money is not my thing.

3. It was getting late; I was tired.

2. There was something more interesting on TV at the time.



Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Why I Stopped Posting

Let's take a trip back to March 2010. That's when we started the blog. I came to my husband with the idea of starting a blog about our life together. We're always having funny & serious disagreements & debates so I thought we'd let the world into what I like to call Leo Land. Starting The Leo Duo allowed us to get a lot of things off of our chest and see what other folks thought about it.

Now...I also have another blog & I chose to start another blog (along with TLD) around the same time. So that's 3 blogs. I figured I could handle the The Leo Duo because I wasn't going to be the only one posting. I had Reign. Fast forward: So I'm having fun, updating TLD with posts, and then it just got to be too much. ^_^ I started neglected my main blog because I was trying to post every day on TLD. I needed some help aka Reign to help me with posting. We started this blog for fun so I didn't want to start feeling like it was a chore. I loved interacting with other "duos" on our blog through the posts. However, The Leo Duo was supposed to be a "we" blog not a "me" blog & I felt like I was doing everything. I told Reign that I was done writing if he wasn't going to contribute. He wanted to contribute more, but he was busier than me. I understood that...but we made a commitment to the blog & I wanted to keep it. Something had to be done. And so it was. I stopped writing. I'm really sorry that we just suddenly stopped writing without telling ya'll what was going on. :-( Those weren't our intentions at all. We won't be doing that again. From now on, if we're having problems posting we'll let ya'll know. Cool?

As far as The Leo Duo goes, Reign and I finally on the same page. :-) And that's where I wanted to be....He started back posting a little while ago on his own might I add. I couldn't help but be proud of him for taking the initiative to not let TLD fall by the wayside. Up until that point, I thought he could care less. Now I see that he does care about the blog & that makes me happy. :-) I needed to see that to continue on with the blog.

To all of our readers: Thanks for putting up with us, lol.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Happy New Year from The Leo Duo!

Whew. It's been awhile ya'll. We'll, I'm back. No, for real this time. ;-)I have a lot to catch you all up on. For now though, I just want to wish you all a Happy New Year! :-)


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