Monday, May 30, 2011

Now Introducing....Khloa August!

So...this post is long overdue, but nonetheless here are some exclusive photos of the new addition to our family: Khloa! (pronounced Klo-uh) And do you even need to know why her middle name is August?? Haha! In true Leo fashion! These were taken when she was 1 month and a few days. We were originally scheduled to do these within her 1st week of birth, but because she was born 6 weeks early she was in the NICU for almost 3 weeks. We would like to thank Aubrey Torrey for such amazing photos! They were just what we wanted. :-) During the 1st part of the shoot, Khloa was excellent. We were so proud of her for doing so well...The 2nd part was a different story, lol. She cried almost the entire time so we had to put the pacifier in her mouth. We're still proud of her though! So the real question is: Who does she look like?

Cole_1 month_9
Cole_1 month_18
 The purse was $2.99 at Micheal's. If she's anything like me, she will love purses! -K.D.
Cole_1 month_12
I think she looks like me here (Reign)
Cole_1 month_8
This is my favorite. -K.D.
Cole_1 month_5
Gotta represent...;-)
Cole_1 month_4
One of my faves as well!-K.D.
    Cole_1 month_7bw
    Cole_1 month_25
    Cole_1 month_28
    Cole_1 month_30
    Ugh, look at my gray hair...I'm coloring my hair again...
    Cole_1 month_26
    Cole_1 month_24
    Cole_1 month_23
    Cole_1 month_22
    Cole_1 month_31
    This picture was my idea (Reign), also my favorite!
    Have a great Memorial Day! :-)


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