Monday, May 30, 2011

Now Introducing....Khloa August!

So...this post is long overdue, but nonetheless here are some exclusive photos of the new addition to our family: Khloa! (pronounced Klo-uh) And do you even need to know why her middle name is August?? Haha! In true Leo fashion! These were taken when she was 1 month and a few days. We were originally scheduled to do these within her 1st week of birth, but because she was born 6 weeks early she was in the NICU for almost 3 weeks. We would like to thank Aubrey Torrey for such amazing photos! They were just what we wanted. :-) During the 1st part of the shoot, Khloa was excellent. We were so proud of her for doing so well...The 2nd part was a different story, lol. She cried almost the entire time so we had to put the pacifier in her mouth. We're still proud of her though! So the real question is: Who does she look like?

Cole_1 month_9
Cole_1 month_18
 The purse was $2.99 at Micheal's. If she's anything like me, she will love purses! -K.D.
Cole_1 month_12
I think she looks like me here (Reign)
Cole_1 month_8
This is my favorite. -K.D.
Cole_1 month_5
Gotta represent...;-)
Cole_1 month_4
One of my faves as well!-K.D.
    Cole_1 month_7bw
    Cole_1 month_25
    Cole_1 month_28
    Cole_1 month_30
    Ugh, look at my gray hair...I'm coloring my hair again...
    Cole_1 month_26
    Cole_1 month_24
    Cole_1 month_23
    Cole_1 month_22
    Cole_1 month_31
    This picture was my idea (Reign), also my favorite!
    Have a great Memorial Day! :-)




    Arista said...

    The purse fav! HAHA! You are crazy!

    Anonymous said...

    she is just to cute! Love the one with the pink flower on the black multi color blanket. Ummmm guys I think she looks like you both.


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