Tuesday, March 23, 2010

If it Don’t Make Dollars, Then it Don’t Make Cents!

So KD and I had an argument recently. I will not go into the details of the argument (we’re not ready for you to know that part of our lives yet!) but to sum it all up, I was able to realize that my side of the story was driven by money even though money wasn’t the basis of our debate. Even though I already knew it, I had to explain to KD the root of my argument: During most of our disagreements (even ones unrelated to money) I’m subconsciously asking myself ‘Will it cost me money or will it make me money’? This is what men think about in addition to other things, and I will try to explain why.

See ladies, we don’t only think about sex…..

A lot of men’s concerns stem from money and the question of can we afford it? I first thought to tell a story to explain this, but my original story was pretty boring and didn’t make sense. So let’s hope my explanation is not worst than my stories.

When a guy is apprehensive in buying his significant other something expensive, it’s not that he doesn’t think you deserve it. The first thought for him is how much is invested and what he will get in return. In other words, what is his return on investment? Everybody wants a return on investment, but guys initially do not see any return on investment when spending money that may indirectly benefit him. Some guys may not see the benefit of decorating a house or having a lavish wedding. All he sees is how much money he will spend. But a guy does see the return on investment when just buying a house, or getting married to his soul mate.

This is not with just buying things; it could also include time invested. Guys do hold their time as valuable and do not want to waste time on anything that does not benefit them overall.

I will not explain further, I’m already getting bored reviewing this. But there are other examples, so let’s see if any other guys would like to chime in and give their two cents. Ladies? Have a rebuttal? Or do you understand and have a testimony?

I hope this gives a little insight in the minds of the man. To sum this all up, I leave with this: If you are arguing with your man about something, make an attempt to peek into his mind, and ask yourself some questions: Does he see a return on investment? If not, then how can I convince him there is one? Because what he is saying to himself is: “If it don’t make dollars, then it don’t make cents!”

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Shumpy said...

lol, thanks for this.

TheLeoDuo said...

Thank you for the comment!


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