Sunday, November 28, 2010

New Life In A New City

So September 7, 2010 marked the first day of me working at my new job. As of this post, it has been about three months, and I'm loving every minute of it. It is all that I had hoped for. It's more than just a step up from my previous job. For example, if my career level at my previous job was a 3, then I have moved up to like a 9. To me, that's a big deal! I've always been a firm believer to always grow in your career, and personal life for that matter. I always set goals in place for my life, whether it be something small like save money for the month, to weight loss, to landing that next big position. And getting this position was a goal I had over three years ago, and to actually experience it was something special alone.

So then comes the news my wife presented to me the second week we were in (hold your breath):

She wanted to play a prank on me by taking a random pregnancy test and lying to me that it came back positive, as if she just knew it would be negative...but what do you know?? She took and it DID come back positive!!!!

You hear that blog world! REIGN is gon be a daddy!!

That was a little snippet of Martin I thought you'd enjoy.

So KD is now 4 month pregnant. We are so excited, because this will be our first child and we obviously have no clue on what to do. How exciting!! New city, new state, new job, and new addition to the family. This song helps describe my feeling of our new life, courtesy of Little Brother.

That'll teach her. Now I must go find things to sell.


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