Sunday, November 14, 2010

Welcome to....(In my most southern voice…)!

Houston Downtown Tunnel

So the place we decided to move, and the place I so greatfully received a job offer in due time is HOUSTON!!!!

We arrived in Houston about 1pm on September 1st, and can officially call it home sweet home. We were smiling from ear to ear when we arrived at the gate of our new apartment complex!!! See, this was a dream come true for us. This was 3+ years in the making. This meant we can finally start building our family and the past 3+ years all was in preparation for this very moment.

…Moment of clarity…

In retrospect, that road trip took a heavy toll on us!

We could not wait until we got here. I mean the long road trip was very taxing. The only places I will be driving are to work, and to get food from around the corner (I know...I'm over exaggerating…so what). But we arrived safely and the apartment we selected from DC, that we never saw in person, was indeed everything we needed. But the only problem is….we do not have any furniture!! See, to save money, we got rid of all our old furniture, because it was just not worth moving down here. But I do have my 46” TV and PS3, and oh….we had to buy a bed. So what more can we ask for?

Wait….there’s more…(I am just at September 1st….)


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