Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Repost: Craig's List Find: Baby Bjorn Carrier



I've been meaning to post this one too. I'm thinking of starting a list of Craig's List finds on The Leo Duo because we've bought SO much stuff over the years from Craig's List it's crazy. I know there are some folks that don't trust CL especially since the The Craig's List killer news, but there are some great deals on there. This is a Baby Bjorn carrier we bought from a  man on CL in January I think. Just like with the Chicco Keyfit 30, I knew I wanted a Baby Bjorn carrier so that's all I looked for on CL. I researched baby carriers & I had my mind set on the BB. Guess how much we paid for it?? $10! It's dark blue (wish it were another color) and it's faded a little, but it's very sturdy. Walmart, Target, & Babies R' Us retail these babies for around $80-180 so $10 was nothing compared to those prices! Why pay full price when you can get it from someone who just wants to get rid of it??



Vinitha said...

We are selling a lot of our baby stuff - including a Baby Bjorn - check here

TheLeoDuo said...

Hey Vinitha! My wife and I took a look at your site and see there are a lot of things! We are debating on what we may need. I will let you know!


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