Saturday, July 23, 2011

Family Visit

Hey Y'all!

Last weekend, well actually last Friday, my sister came to the H-town to visit! Of course she came because of Khloa, but nonetheless we were so excited to see her! It's been probably over a year since I last saw her in person, considering the move, but it was like she lived down the street when she came. The reason I said last Friday because she was only able to stay for a day. But that day was so memorable.
First, she got in late afternoon on Friday, and KD, Khloa and I met her to pick her up from the bus station. BUS STATION?!?!?! Yes. See....she really, really wanted to see her new niece, and due to certain circumstances, she had to (brace yourself) fly into Austin, TX, catch a local metro bus to the Greyhound bus station, and catch the Greyhound to Houston! OMG! I truly commend my sister for going these lengths to get down here. This meant so much to us, so we definitely wanted to make sure her stay was welcomed with open arms. KD and I even said it would be extremely hard for us to go these lengths! My sister immediately took pictures of her niece and sat in the back of the ride playing with her the entire time. We talked the entire time while we were driving, about any and everything! We proceeded to Pappadeaux for dinner and ate really well as you can imagine.

From there we returned to our apartment and sat and talked literally all night. Because we are still new to this parenting thing, we were surprised and puzzled when my sister volunteered to feed, hold and change (repeat) Khloa while she was here. We were thinking, "should we take this opportunity to go to the club?". Of course we didn't, but it did feel good to not have to feed Khloa for once.

Unfortunately, she had to leave Saturday morning to return back home, and we got the pleasure of driving her to San Antonio for her return flight! Yes...San Antonio from Houston! We left out around 6am!! I don't even wake up this early for work! This time it was an even longer ride of wonderful conversation and Khloa slept the entire ride, which was very surprising. But then again, it appears she loves riding in the car because she goes to sleep every single time. What do you think?

yes, we still have stuff in boxes
at the San Antonio Houston Airport

Thanks again, sis for coming all the way from DC to visit, and we can't wait until you and your family comes back (hopefully later this year). KD and I were just talking about how this time I would like to cook for y'all instead of going out. We will have more time to visit Houston this next trip! See you soon!


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